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Les habitants de la maison koyomi

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Alice et le jeune pompier Skippy


Alice, who has just moved to Differdange, meets a boy who is a rabbit who lives in Lasauvage. Why did he come into the human world and why does he learn firefighting techniques? This is the sincere account of a girl's emotional growth and the importance of the bonds between people.

Article of "Le quotidien"

You can get "Alice et le jeune pompier Skippy" at the website of librairie ERNSTER.


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La vie de Thal

Blue Sky



This book has 2 versions, French or English with Japanese.
It allows you to practice your Japanese and have fun at the same time.

John is a high school student who doesn't care about the issues of landmine victims and would rather rest than do his homework, but he didn't expect what happened after he woke up ...?

This manga was realized in 2017 in collaboration with Handicap International Luxembourg as part of a school awareness project for victims of remnants of war and republished in 2020 in bilingual versions.

Article from "Handicap International"

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Les habitants de la maison de Koyomi

Small Street in Japan
Beyond the modori bridge COVER.jpg

This story is based on a twelfth-century Japanese tale from Konjaku-Monogatari.


the Modori Bridge


Illuminated Windows

Image by Thong Vo
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This story is about the lights in the building that turn on and off, the sky changes its color, and the people that are just going by.