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"Salon du Manga"

radio 100,7

Michel Delage from radio 100,7 visited me and my participants in my studio in the 1535° Creative Hub in Differdange to check out my latest project "Salon du Manga".

Salon du Manga

Updates will be posted on my BlogInstagram and Facebook Account

Every FRIDAY, from 6 PM to 8 PM (18:00-20:00).

To bring: material to draw (paper, pencils, etc.), mangas and your own drawings.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the manga room will be closed until further government orders. Thank you for your understanding.


Manga made in Luxembourg

Kumiyonoe/ Claudio Valentino Sorgo /Sabrina Kaufmann

An exhibition that I participated in April with 2 other artists at the regional cultural center "Aalt Stadhaus" in Differdange.

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Christmas Stamps 2017

The theme “Winter and Christmas” is ideally suited to the light, lovingly detailed style of the Japanese illustrator Kumiyo Maurel, whose drawings transport us to another world. She is particularly fond of telling stories that she not only writes herself but also illustrates.  There was a lot for her to discover while designing this year’s special edition of Christmas stamps.


This is because, for us, Christmas is traditionally a family celebration, while the Japanese observe “A Celebration of Love” with friends and colleagues, where Japanese singles hope to meet that special person with whom to spend the rest of their lives. For Kumiyo, who values the fact that every new project also provides her with new inspiration, the work on the illustrations was particularly rewarding. (POST LUXEMBOURG)

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